Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Time Fun!

It has been the busiest summer of my life! We first had Kids Camp at the beginning we thought we would only have 5 kids we ended up having 16 and one young man gave his life to Christ! We also taught a class and at least 3 6th graders told me they were going to go into special service for God be it missionaries or pastoral they did not know. This year like last only my wife and I stayed at the cabin with the kids we had many in our church come and help during the day but at night it was us. We would get up at 7:00am and not stop till 8:30pm. It was all worth it. Then of course came Greensboro. I can truly say it was a great trip there really wasn’t any angry words from folks on either side at least not in public I understand some are angry with the results of the election but they didn’t seem to show it! So my wife and I are already planning for next year God provided this year thru a saintly Lady and we will be good stewards and save all year for San Antonio we also will take our 3 daughters with us. Next was VBS I have a great director who put her whole self into it and when things don’t go right she gets a little emotional but this year it was me that got emotional not in a cry baby way but in I am going to pull my hair out way! She calmed me down and we ended up with one of the best VBS since she became director with 2 salvations and many rededications we then had a week off and went to Branson with the family for a couple of days came back and got ready for Falls Creek our youth camp we thought we would have 50 students but because we were going on the 4th of July week we didn’t have the older students we had last year. The majority of students were 7th and 8th graders and last year the majority was 10th graders so it changed how we do things. The great thing about this year is we once again brought kids who do not go to church and have never really been around Christian adults we had 7 salvation 5 assurance of salvation and 3 rededication and 2 for missions we took 25 kids so God really moved! We also took 5 new sponsors 2 of which we have been working with and one who came surprised us and also 2 of our saintly older folks came which worked out great. They really had a good time and God moved in all of our life's! We are very blessed to be in a place that God set aside for us to minister in and I know my wife and kids feel the same. We got back and went on vacation to Wyoming were my wife's family lives. Her grandfather is 92 and her grandmother is 87 so we all went and seen them my mother in law stayed which is a good thing hopefully she will pull out of her depression we also saw my sister in law from Minnesota and her daughter who had her little boy (she is just 1 year older than my oldest….. Scary) he was very cute but was not around many men so he was a little scared of me. He did get use to me some what he let me feed him ice cream. We then went down to Colorado Springs and seen the Air Cadets training complex it was awesome in a valley at the base of the mountains very nice. We went to the Chapel on base and it was very cool. It amazes me that people can look on the beauty of nature and still not believe in God it screams God. I have been so busy that I did not keep up with the blog world and I have come to the conclusion that I will not post much any more it just takes to much time away from what is important don't get me wrong I am thankful for Art and Marty and Kevin B. And also for Wade and the many others who blog it just that I am not good enough at it to be good at other things and right now I have some young men who need to be discipled and that takes president over bloging I will keep my site and will when time permits read and comment on other sites my hope is that young preachers will take my advice on this and "See the lost saved, the saved Discipled, and God Glorified above all!"

In Him Kevin Lancaster

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I have been simply reading some of the post during the convention. (I really didn"t have time during or after and we are having VBS this week so I have had priorities. I know most of you guys are blogging and not witnessing. ;)) Kevin Bussey and his interview with the wako from westboro ( I know we all Love this Lady in the Lord but what a nut!) any way I could not even watch all 3 parts it is so sad that there are people that in the name of a god they spew that kind of hate, but is it any different than what was going on inside the Coliseum? Now don’t get me wrong they didn’t do it the way that lady did or did they? She would make a statement and if you disagreed with her she would call you a name like "whore monger"or "bimbo" and I am sure she called some one a "liberal" the very oh wait that's what was used in side! Do you see what I mean! I was very pleased to read on Dr Cole's post of the person or persons who made the comment to Dr. Vines. I believe this is what was said I was not present a the time but I will put what Dr. Cole posted.
From the bleachers, a man cried out that "Just because your name is Jerry Vines doesn't mean you get special treatment." I have to confess that I caught the uncomfortable sneer of Dr. Vines a time or two this week, but I really don't hold anything against him. He is a faithful preacher and a mighty spokesman for biblical values and personal holiness. I don't care who it is, but especially when it is a man who's done as much for the Southern Baptist Convention as Jerry Vines, such outlashed animosity is completely inappropriate. It is, in fact, downright rude. But the convention was stressful and people were saying and doing things that I'm sure they'll regret upon

I will admit that some things Dr. Cole has said before the Memphis meting were very unkind but I have noticed in his writing and his comments there is less can I say "bitterness" not sure if that is correct just my felling in the way it sounds to me. Most of the worst came from the Anonymous character that he and a few others used, he confessed and said he would not post under that title again. Have you noticed at lest on other sites (mine has very few comment but some do still read) that the Anonymous is less and less used. I think that is a great thing that to me means men and women can comment without felling that they must agree and that most bloggers are adults and can handle constructive criticism. Can we all agree that progress was made in Greensboro? I know there are many who believe that San Antonio will bring out the Texans in drove but if we still fill the same way about the convention as we did a month ago then it is very important to be at the next one! I must say thank you to the dear Lady that sent my wife and I to Greensboro this year. You truly blessed us with your gracious gift thank you again! I believe that with the help of all of those who believe a change was a good thing their will be long lasting affects of this years convention.
In Him Kevin Lancaster

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It was in my thought a really good convention! Thank you to those very special people who made it happen for me and my wife we thank you and pray for you every day.
People I met.

I got the chance to met briefly with Art Rogers who is on his way to T-town and also met Wes Kenney a fellow okie. On the plain ride home my wife and I met a couple who most of the old guard on the flight paid respect to. (When I say old guard it is not in distain but in respect.) The folks on my flight were like Dr. Paige Patterson and Barry McCarty, and also Cliff Cummings, O yes and Dr. Ben Cole (I will probably get at lest one comment on this) the couple that most of the men spoke to were very happy with the conviction and seemed to be satisfied with the out come, the couples name is the Levels (pronounced La-veil). We talked about the convention and then we talked about Falls Creek many of you know that Falls Creek is the Largest youth encampment in the USA. (Some say in the world I have never left the country so I can’t in good consensus say that.) I found Rev. Level had preached at Falls Creek Many years ago and of his admiration of that camp ground. He said it seems almost every young man he has spoken to had a life changing experience at Falls Creek. I am proud to say I am one also. I was called to preach at Falls Creek the summer of 84. Very nice folks all, I wish I would have got to met and talk to Dr. Cole but I did not get the chance maybe anther time.

What to post next?
I am sure many of those that blog have nothing to post as far as the SBC goes that is until July when the IMB meets. I sure hope they do a serious investigation on the charges Wade has made and that it will be brought back to the convention with things being settled. I still believe public apologies are in order for Wade and I also believe that Dr. Tom should be sincerer or at least his inappropriate actions should be brought up even though he is no longer there. I will say this though if you have not read Wade’s Post “Imputed Righteousness or Imputed Nonsense?” you should it is one of his best. One of my favorite things about God is the fact that I have the Righteousness of Holy God though the shed blood of Jesus Christ in me and on me. One comment about the post is why do people always bring into every post by Wade the Calvinist issue. ( I know Wade is a Calvinist but he rarely injects that in his post only the comments do.) Righteousness is not a Calvinist issue it is a scriptural thing and every one should pay attention whether you are Armenian or Calvinist or neither one. Well I have been busy with VBS it is a shame the pastors in the mega churches miss out on sitting down with a dozen 5th graders and telling them those Great Bible stories. I Love It!
In Him Kevin Lancaster

Monday, June 12, 2006


Well it has been quit a while since I last posted . Very busy had Kids Camp last week. 1saved 7 rededicated their lives we are going to stay on them this time no more camp high! My dad just had VBS at his church and they did their own thing this year. They went thru the life of Jesus from birth to Resurrection. On Thursday dad gave the invitation and he hade 21 kids give their lives to Jesus! AMEN!!! That’s what it is all about! Well we are here (my wife and I) went out and ate MEAT with a good friend and fellow Pastor tonight then went to the Coliseum and spoke with the President and his wife of the school my oldest daughter well attend in the fall. (OBU) It is a great school! I have not met any one from the world of Bloging but I hope to in the morning well my wife says it is bed time so look me up say high and lets live like we are all going to heaven together. In Him Kevin Lancaster

Thursday, May 25, 2006


I have read some about the IMB trustee meeting in New Mexico and I can say from my heart I am ashamed of the behavior of Dr. Tom Hatley and the other gentleman who are taking their parting shots at Wade Burleson even if you disagree with Wade this is not Christ like behavior and as has been stated many times by said former chairman that Matthew 18 should be used to check Dr. Tom. It is a disgrace that a man of God would use a podium to attack anther man. I know that it happens a lot in churches both by pastors who think it is their duty to call down those who disagree with them in front of the church and by leaders be it deacons or others to call down the pastor in a business meeting it is still very wrong. I hope that this does not discourage young preachers to not get involved. I can also see were if this was happening to a young preacher and not some one like Wade who is well versed in handling these things (I heard Wade handled himself well though he did say he was angry and he was thankful his wife was with him) a younger man may have reacted in a physical way i.e. punched Tom in the nose. Young preachers need to go and stand for what is right. We need to when asked vote "NO" when the IMB presents their recommendations and stick to our guns. Yes there will be men like Ergun Caner who will get upset that we are trying to take over, we are not we are part of the SBC and will speak to what we have seen to be a poor example of leadership wither it be the "Giants" of our convention or not. Pray hard, speak truth with Grace and we will be all right. Things may or may not change right away but they will change if we keep on the path God has placed us on. Will you stand? Will you go? If not you then who? Lets make a difference in the SBC by asking God to use us any way He sees fit. Love In Him Kevin Lancaster

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Last week I asked on some of the higher read blog’s for as many who could to pray for me as I was preaching at the high school baccalaureate Sunday evening. I have been extremely broken for these kids most of whom do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior. I worried that I would offended folks if I preached a evangelical message and would cause problems for the school which has allowed me much freedom in sharing Christ at the school. I called a good friend and a guy I call my Pastor and asked what should I do? His words “preach like you know you should.” We should worry less about offending people and start worrying more about what offends God! The service went very well the other Pastors in the other churches joined with me in Prayer before and the whole service was really good my oldest daughter played 2 songs and sang I believe one was Jennifer Knaap and the other was by a new girl Bethany Dillon. She did a great job! The first thing you must know is she is very shy but also very talented we moved to Ketchum from Sand Springs which is outside of Tulsa her jr. year and it has been really hard for her to make friends but Sunday night as she sang her class mates sat there with stunned looks on their faces none of them knew she could play little lone sing like that even her grand parents didn’t know. I preached about Being an example using 1st Timothy 4:12 Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe. I also used 1st Corinthians 13:12 When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. For those who needed a Savior I used Romans 5:8 and I personalized it But God demonstrates His own love towards Kevin, in that while Kevin was yet a sinner, Christ died for him. I really wanted them to know that it is a personal decision and that u can’t get there on someone else’s Salvation. Then another Pastor gave the charge to flee from the temptation of miss-using your new found freedom. All in all it was a very good service and I fell God touched hearts. Please Keep praying for the 40 some young adults we have another chance to give them the good news this Friday at the Sr. Breakfast were all of the students will be there. In Him Kevin Lancaster

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Many of you have heard about the meting in Memphis. You may have read on Wade's blog or on Marty's or Art's. You could have read the article in ABP about the meting I personally made a comment on Marty’s site that I was not to sure about this and that it appeared to be the same kind of things that the old guard has been accused of. I asked some of the old guard like Villa Rica & Pastor Joe what they thought and I am glad I did. Now I said all of that to say this. What is the #1 thing in your opinion is wrong with the SBC? I would like to know I am going to e-mail or write to or even call if I have to the men who people keep mentioning (I.E. John Hunt, Paige Patterson, and Ergun Canter)and presenting this to them and simply ask how can we call our selves Christians if we are going to build walls between each other. I am putting my self out there to see if there is a anger buy anyone that needs to be fixed. Not that I can fix it but that God would use me as a conduit to get the flow of healing and settling of issues so that at Greensboro we can come together with one mind and that is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be spread around the globe. It seems on the surface to be simple but I have been in church long enough to know it is never easy when Satan attacks. If you would like you can e-mail me rather than comment that would help to show there are others who want a lot of theses things to be settled or at lest out in the open. Thanks in advance. In Him Kevin Lancaster